The Fastest Boats in the World

by Betty Havre
The Fastest Boats in the World

Sailing in the open seas can be a very refreshing and exciting experience. It is a good way to ease your mind from the stress and pollution from the city making it a perfect holiday getaway. Furthermore, you are free to go wherever you want without the trouble of traffic or whatsoever. Even though they travel on water, boats can move at a very impressive speed allowing for fast and easy travel. The fastest boats in the world are often sought after by boat enthusiasts who want to try them out for their own. Let use consider some of its noteworthy boats that travel at breakneck speed.

First off let us classify the different types of boats that are available for use. You will often find maxi yachts, conventional yachts, speed boats, sailboats and ocean liners used on a regular basis and you will find no shortage of these boats to use at your own accord.

It should be noted that a maxi yacht usually refers to a racing sailboat of at least 70 feet (21 m) in length. Boat international has listed the top 20 fastest yachts with a variety of specifications such as their length as well as their propulsion. For speed, they have ranging maximum horsepower from TANGA II which has 7,770hp going up to the impressive horsepower of 20,600 with the famous World is not Enough yacht.

Another noteworthy of attention is the Silver Fast which is a brand new superyacht that was built by Silver Yachts in Australia. It is considered to be the largest and speediest aluminium motor yacht with conventional propulsion. However, this yacht does come with a hefty cost with an asking price of €79.5million (approximately £60million or $90million).

In the sailboat category, the Vestas Sailrocket 2 is considered to be the world’s fastest sailboat, smashing the world speed sailing record by running 64 knots (75 mph). On the other hand you can find fast speed boats from Mystic, MTI, Skater, and Outerlimits that can break 200-mph.

Ocean Liners also don’t get left behind as they also move at a relatively fast pace in the ocean. Queen Mary 2 is recognized as the fastest ocean liner in the world and has been in the cruise industry for quite some time celebrating 10th anniversary which is already on its 11th anniversary as the time of this writing. This ocean liner is also quite active as it has sailed for more than 1.5 million nautical miles on over 400 voyages, visiting 182 ports in 60 countries.

Speed is not the only primary factor to be considered when choosing a boat for your travels especially if you are on a tighter budget as they can cost you a substantial amount of resources.  Boat races however, mostly factor speed making it an important contributing factor for them to win the races.

Even with increasing popularity of boat races, I don’t think we’ll yet to see boat racing odds prominent on Betfair anytime soon as punters are much more interested in other sports such as cricket, soccer, baseball and horse racing. The reason behind this is due to the high maintenance cost of racing boats making them quite a risky endeavor when compared to other sports and racing bets that were mentioned above.