Personal Training on your Safari holiday

If you are like me, a personal trainer who likes to exercise every day, it can be difficult sometimes to go on holidays. How do you find a holiday that is both a break from work and one that offers exercise and excitement? Well, taking a river jet boat safari in New Zealand ticks a lot of the boxes.

We visited the South Island of New Zealand and there are plenty of opportunities to either hire a jet boat or go on jet boat with a group of people. It is exciting; the speed of the boats and the proximity of sheer rock walls mean you are always thinking “will the boat make it”. Some of the rivers we went on were only a few inches deep. Perhaps the best safari we did was a combination river safari and walk on the Haast River. The jet boat took us up river for several kilometres to a little wharf and from there we had to hike a couple of kilometres and climb up about 400 meters to a look out. From this vantage point you can see the whole length of the river and the mountains beyond.

Of course New Zealand has many other activities for someone who likes to be outdoor like myself. In the Haast River area there is horse riding, trout fishing, kayaking and snow sports in the winter. There are several rivers that are closed to river jet boat safaris and these are excellent to do a day’s kayaking. Kayaking is a nice combination of relaxation and exercise. We only did a day’s tour, but there are groups who paddle up river and camp at a pre-erected camp site over night. We paddle passed one of these camp sites and it looked lovely. I really wish we had taken the option of camping out over night. Of course we hired the kayak and all the equipment we hired was in first class condition.

As a note of caution the water in New Zealand is ice cold. Several of the people on our river jet boat safari went for a swim at lunch time. As clear and tempting as the river water looked it was so cold that I could not bring myself to jump in. But other than that I would recommend river jet boat safaris in New Zealand.