Marketing Your Tourist Agency Online

by Betty Havre

Online marketing can sometimes be difficult; however, some businesses are so easy to market because they produce such great materials and pictures that are visually stimulating to people interested in the business. Nowhere is this more true than for safari tourist agencies. Incredible pictures of stunning vistas, people enjoying themselves, and of course pictures of the natural landscape and exotic wildlife are all incredibly visually stimulating ways of beginning to advertise online. What you need is a digital marketing agency specialising in tourism and more specifically an online digital marketing strategy to advertise safari tours.

As mentioned earlier, safari tours already produce tons of marketable materials just by their very nature. Learning how to market and utilize these materials is an essential element of being able to successfully launch your online campaign. Of course, as with any business, you should certainly have a website and be search engine optimized so that individuals looking for safari tours in your area can find you. Include on the landing page some great pictures, contact information, what you offer, and pricing – all business 101 basics. What you really want to find out is how you can advertise these things so that they link back to your website and customers who might potentially want to reserve a tour with you.

Safari tours generate tons of beautiful imagery and so beginning an online advertising campaign that is based around visually stunning pictures is a great way for individuals on social media to start to spread, share, and like your pictures. As your pictures, posts, and tour information is shared with people across Facebook or Instagram, you will notice a steady uptick in the number of people wanting to learn about your business and book reservations. So finding the right outlets that are media heavy is essential for a tourism business.

A tourist business that wants to start getting noticed should have an Instagram account and a Facebook page at least. Twitter might be added later but since Twitter is primarily text-based and your advertising campaign needs to be primarily pictorial based, Twitter might not be the best fit, but Instagram and Facebook certainly are! With Instagram, your company can post incredible winning pictures that make people yearn for an adventure. With Facebook, you can combine the pictures with an advertising campaign targeted to people who you know to be most susceptible to going on these kinds of safari tours.

Working with digital agencies and website designers is another great way to enhance your online campaign. Website designers and others in the digital marketing agency will be able to help make sure that your web page is optimised for being found by the top search engines, that all the elements work as they should, and they can even assist you with digital media advertising. Running a low-level Facebook campaign, advertising adventure on YouTube, or simply posting some stunning pictures onto your Instagram along with various links back to your main site are all ways to enhance your find-ability and desirability for customers who yearn for adventure.