Floating Happily Ever After: Retirement Boating

by Betty Havre
Floating Happily Ever After: Retirement Boating

It is good to see that the ageing community is now being provided with a lot of choices with regards to their retirement. Retirement homes are still a good way to spend the remaining years of your life in a quiet and peaceful environment. However, those who want to see different sights and attraction decide to travel instead. Of course, this can be a bit of a challenge especially with their age as their bodies aren’t as active as they once were. Retirement boating seems to be the perfect solution making it possible for older individuals to quench their adventurous spirit.

Nowadays due to work, busy and hectic schedule as well as other related concerns, a huge number of individuals are not able to enjoy their travels fully. Others have not even experienced travelling to places that they always wanted. Retirement can be one of the best ways to enjoy your travels as you now have little to no obligations that can hinder your overall traveling experience. You are free to travel all over the world without any worries at all as your loved ones are able to tend themselves.

If you could just retire on a boat, or at least spend a chunk of your retirement on a yacht, or on an ocean liner taking a series of cruises, where in the world would you go? This can be a very exciting question especially to those who are on their way to retirement. It seems that retirement boating is quite a popular practice in the ageing community as many have shared their experience online. This has become quite apparent with the emergence of social media as a lot of individuals are able to share and document their travels to their friends and loved ones.

Take for example Julie Barker of Bead Them Up. She’s been yachting around the islands and waters off Queensland for a couple of months now and you can check her profile here: https://www.facebook.com/julie.barker.7967. She’s been in different places for quite some time and all of this is possible the moment she decided to pursue retirement boating for her own. The ageing community is embracing retirement boating as well making the likes of Julie just one of the many individuals who are now living their dreams as they travel around the world or to places that they desire.

Retirement boating of course does not come cheap. You need to acquire a sailboat or a yacht that is able to accompany you with your travels. You also need to know what kinds of boats are available, who are the manufacturers, what reputation do they have, what’s the price range, where are they docked and who are the main brokers? Aside from that, a considerable amount of money is required to be able to purchase a retirement boat that is able to suit your needs and preferences. All of this however, is made possible and more accessible with the help of superannuation funds making it a hassle free process for the ageing community to pursue such boats during their retirement.

It is wise to manage such funds as early as possible. This is to ensure that your retirement goes smooth sailing just like the boats you decide to purchase. Learn more about superannuation funds today.