Corporations Making Waves: Running a Business from a Superyacht

“Buoy that’s a big one!” The busty blonde in the micro-bikini was heard to exclaim, when gazing out on your new mega yacht. The decision to run your business from the deck of a superyacht is not an easy one. You may miss the eternal traffic snarls and jams on the streets surrounding your old corporate headquarters. All that peaceful blue water, fresh air and naked flesh may be unsettling at first. Life on the high seas involves a different set of rules and you must adapt to these new demands as soon as you can.

Getting good staff, who are willing to ditch their old lifestyles for a life of ease and luxury is not always so straight forward. They may miss the itch of the tie around the neck, the jarring of the pavement and the sweet smell of pollution emanating from city streets. Unattached young people who want to get ahead and have few moral qualms about how that is achieved should be at the top of your prerequisite list. Good swimmers who are unafraid of nude bathing and who may have finished top ten in a swim suit competition will make excellent PA candidates for your new maritime corporate structure.

What about the internet connections – wifi may not keep you connected when out in the middle of the Atlantic, or if it does it will be expensive, but at least when your staff are working together on projects they can share documents using Sharepoint development or Yammer office intranets. Modern technology can be your best friend when it comes to the floating corporate tower and your new luxury super yacht lifestyle. Business may be business but the seagull and the spouting whale will put you in a different frame of mind when considering mergers and takeovers.

Corporations making waves: running a business from a superyacht may not be for everyone, as a metaphor or as a reality. To captain your ship you need balls of steel and a firm hand on the tiller of life. The water cooler has expanded to be the big blue beneath your bow and the inter-office communications are now a whole new ball game. Avoid mutinous situations, where possible, and keep calm on stormy days. Look out for lighthouses and learn to read maps. A new relaxed level of corporate dress should not be mistaken for slovenliness and avoid killing an albatross; where at all possible.