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Marketing Your Tourist Agency Online

by Betty Havre

Online marketing can sometimes be difficult; however, some businesses are so easy to market because they produce such great materials and pictures that are visually stimulating to people interested in the business. Nowhere is this more true than for safari tourist agencies. Incredible pictures of stunning vistas, people enjoying themselves, and of course pictures of the natural landscape and exotic wildlife are all incredibly visually stimulating ways of beginning to advertise online. What you need is a digital marketing agency specialising in tourism and more specifically an online digital marketing strategy to advertise safari tours.

As mentioned earlier, safari tours already produce tons of marketable materials just by their very nature. Learning how to market and utilize these materials is an essential element of being able to successfully launch your online campaign. Of course, as with any business, you should certainly have a website and be search engine optimized so that individuals looking for safari tours in your area can find you. Include on the landing page some great pictures, contact information, what you offer, and pricing – all business 101 basics. What you really want to find out is how you can advertise these things so that they link back to your website and customers who might potentially want to reserve a tour with you.

Safari tours generate tons of beautiful imagery and so beginning an online advertising campaign that is based around visually stunning pictures is a great way for individuals on social media to start to spread, share, and like your pictures. As your pictures, posts, and tour information is shared with people across Facebook or Instagram, you will notice a steady uptick in the number of people wanting to learn about your business and book reservations. So finding the right outlets that are media heavy is essential for a tourism business.

A tourist business that wants to start getting noticed should have an Instagram account and a Facebook page at least. Twitter might be added later but since Twitter is primarily text-based and your advertising campaign needs to be primarily pictorial based, Twitter might not be the best fit, but Instagram and Facebook certainly are! With Instagram, your company can post incredible winning pictures that make people yearn for an adventure. With Facebook, you can combine the pictures with an advertising campaign targeted to people who you know to be most susceptible to going on these kinds of safari tours.

Working with digital agencies and website designers is another great way to enhance your online campaign. Website designers and others in the digital marketing agency will be able to help make sure that your web page is optimised for being found by the top search engines, that all the elements work as they should, and they can even assist you with digital media advertising. Running a low-level Facebook campaign, advertising adventure on YouTube, or simply posting some stunning pictures onto your Instagram along with various links back to your main site are all ways to enhance your find-ability and desirability for customers who yearn for adventure.

Discover the Waterways of NSW

by Betty Havre
Discover the Waterways of NSW

Australia’s waterways are managed and maintained by the Department of Environment and Conservation. These are composed primarily of canals, rivers, inlets and covers. The majority of them can be traced at the tropical savannas region, while the scenic ones can be found in the High Country region.

The waterways of NSW do not only provide alternative travel routes, but also serve as catchment basins. Moreover, a few inland rivers are used for irrigation, while some are utilized for water and recreational activities. In fact, one can explore Sydney and discover the waterways of NSW.

Discover the Waterways of NSW

  • Darling River

The Darling River stretches from the northernmost part of New South Wales and extends until Murray River. Because of too much exploitation, the river is in poor condition. This being said, it is the most popular waterway of outback touring routes. Travellers who are looking for an authentic Australian outback experience can join river tours that cover Darling River. As they go along, they will come across isolated towns that were once burgeoning with ports. In addition, there are tours that offer side trips to other parts of NSW from Darling River.

  • Murray River

Dubbed as Australia’s longest river, Murray River starts from the Australian Alps and extends until Lake Alexandrina. The river is quite popular for its food and exciting river adventures. For instance, tourists can go fishing, golfing, canoeing and kayaking. History enthusiasts can trace their roots with the river’s Aboriginal experience.

  • Narrawallee Inlet

The inlet can be found in the Narrawallee Creek Nature Reserve, where visitors can walk or cycle along its walking tracks. The area also offers a great opportunity to go bird watching or fishing. Tourists will surely enjoy the inlet’s scenic landscapes.

  • Bithry Inlet

As per Beachsafe, the Bithry Inlet is a 300 m wide rock-controlled permanent mouth of Wapengo Lagoon. Connected in the inlet are three small beaches, two of which are between the inlet and Picnic Point. The other one can be traced 500 m from the inlet. Adrenaline junkies can surf in the inlet, while those who are looking for peace can swim or go fishing.

  • Macleay River

According to Our Rivers, Our History, Macleay River is the world’s second fastest running river. Late September this year, fun water activities were held during the Macleay River Festival. There was the traditional raft race and the annual Paddle on Macleay. Each year, the Save Our Macleay River organization spearheads the Paddle on Macleay event. This is to raise awareness regarding the pollution brought by the mining operations in the area.

River Boat Safaris On The Greatest Asian Rivers

River Boat Safaris On The Greatest Asian Rivers

Asia is filled to the brim with famous rivers offering a good amount of scenery to spectators. As such, river boat rides are something that you should never miss the chance of having upon your visit on this particular continent. Recently, the ACM group organized a river boat safari trip on a handful of Asia’s most picturesque rivers and they are more than happy to share the experience to others.

You will find a number of the longest rivers in Asia. For instance, the Yangtze River found in China is considered to be is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest in the world making it widely recognized all over the world. It spans 6,300 km – 3,915 miles. Aside from the amazing scenery that it provides, Yangtze River also plays quite a large role in the history, culture and economy of China that is used for water, irrigation, sanitation, transportation, industry, boundary-marking and war for thousands of years.

Huang He River which is commonly known as the Yellow River is the third-longest river in Asia, and is the sixth-longest in the world at the estimated length of 5,464 km (3,395 mi) which is located in China as well. Is the Yellow River really yellow in color? Is indeed a common question asked by tourists and visitors and the answer to that question is a resounding yes! It is a breathtaking sight to behold and looks definitely much better in actual view compared to their pictures. The yellow color of the river is due to the wind-blown silt and sediment which picks up in its upper and middle course where the soil is easily eroded. The end result is a stunning and vibrant yellow hue.

The 12th longest river Mekong in Vietnam is considered to be the chief river of Southeast Asia with an estimated length of 4,350 km (2,703 mi). Here is where tourists will find ancient Khmer monuments at Angkor Wat as well as the prestigious French colonial capital of Phnom Penh. The highlight of the tour is definitely the visit to the floating markets of the Mekong delta where a lot of local produce are being sold on a regular day to day basis. It is indeed something out of the extraordinary and one will be tempted to buy some of their products out during their river boat cruise.

We’ve only barely scratch the surface and the Asian rivers we have showcased is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more left to be seen and it is good to hear that several groups today such as ACM Cultural Group have made access to river boat tours much easier, showcasing what you can look forward to upon your visit to the Asian continent.

With boat tours, it is important to that you come equipped with the right gear and equipment to keep the whole trip safe, relaxing and of course fun.  It is also good to hear that there are several boat tour companies in the present that provide tour services to their customers on a regular basis. This makes it relatively easy to setup a boat tour schedule with you and your friends. If you are planning on visiting Asia, don’t miss the opportunity to try River Boat Safaris.

Boat Engines: The Best Brands & Models

by Betty Havre
Boat Engines: The Best Brands & Models

A huge number of individuals travel the seas to relax and unwind as they take their mind of the loud and busy streets of the city. On their journey to the sea it is important to find a reliable partner that is able to provide them with what they need in their voyage. Boat engines play such an important role in making the entire trip possible. As such, finding the best boat engines with regards to their brands & models are necessary to make your trip smooth sailing.

Boat engines have received its fair share of innovation with each and everywhere. For instance, people listed the top 10 Motors at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show which was quite state of the art for its time. It has Volvo Penta’s new V8-380 gasoline inboard features variable valve timing, optimized for maximum low-end torque and high-end horsepower and also featured Suzuki’s new DF140A and DF115A take advantage of the company’s Lean Burn Control system, which allows the engine to run on a leaner, more efficient fuel/air mixture to improve fuel economy.

New fishing boat engines of 2014 updated the list which brings a lineup of powerful engines and digital accessories. Here you will find the likes of Yamaha F115 which is Yamaha’s next generation 115 four-stoke is the lightest in its class and sports increased power. There is also the Suzuki DF175G with a system that provides electronic fly-by-wire control of both throttle and shift for smoother and more-precise functions.

The theme however for 2015 Boat Motors is to provide customers with a stylish, quieter and more fuel-efficient engines further innovating and improving the overall sailing experience. The Motorguide XI5 for example, is leaning towards convenience with its wireless foot pedal which is standard with freshwater models and a hand-held remote which is standard with saltwater models. Furthermore, it features a stealthy quiet mode which makes it perfect for fishing clear water and helps avoid spooking the fishes.

Famous motor brands such as Volva Penta have also made their move to further improve their products and this year, Volvo Penta is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the IPS product supplying engines and drive systems for Gladding-Hearn pilot boat. Volvo Penta came from humble beginnings on 2015 and today, the Volvo Penta IPS now comes in a range of 10 models, from 350 to 1200 hp, in twin, triple or quadruple configurations.

Aside from from looking for the best brand and models, it is also important to detail your boat engine and this activity is something that should never be forgotten. Checking the emissions of your boat also plays a very vital role as this aids in checking the levels of accident hazardous materials that may escape from your engine. This in turn helps make your boat become environment friendly and fit to travel.

There is no denying that without the boat engine, all those cool boating adventures would be impossible to accomplish. This is the reason why it is important to clean your engine as this contributes in making visual inspections more effective.  One will also become more familiar with their engine and force them to examine every inch of their engine through the process of detailing. Hence, make sure that your engine is well taken care of all times.

Floating Happily Ever After: Retirement Boating

by Betty Havre
Floating Happily Ever After: Retirement Boating

It is good to see that the ageing community is now being provided with a lot of choices with regards to their retirement. Retirement homes are still a good way to spend the remaining years of your life in a quiet and peaceful environment. However, those who want to see different sights and attraction decide to travel instead. Of course, this can be a bit of a challenge especially with their age as their bodies aren’t as active as they once were. Retirement boating seems to be the perfect solution making it possible for older individuals to quench their adventurous spirit.

Nowadays due to work, busy and hectic schedule as well as other related concerns, a huge number of individuals are not able to enjoy their travels fully. Others have not even experienced travelling to places that they always wanted. Retirement can be one of the best ways to enjoy your travels as you now have little to no obligations that can hinder your overall traveling experience. You are free to travel all over the world without any worries at all as your loved ones are able to tend themselves.

If you could just retire on a boat, or at least spend a chunk of your retirement on a yacht, or on an ocean liner taking a series of cruises, where in the world would you go? This can be a very exciting question especially to those who are on their way to retirement. It seems that retirement boating is quite a popular practice in the ageing community as many have shared their experience online. This has become quite apparent with the emergence of social media as a lot of individuals are able to share and document their travels to their friends and loved ones.

Take for example Julie Barker of Bead Them Up. She’s been yachting around the islands and waters off Queensland for a couple of months now and you can check her profile here: She’s been in different places for quite some time and all of this is possible the moment she decided to pursue retirement boating for her own. The ageing community is embracing retirement boating as well making the likes of Julie just one of the many individuals who are now living their dreams as they travel around the world or to places that they desire.

Retirement boating of course does not come cheap. You need to acquire a sailboat or a yacht that is able to accompany you with your travels. You also need to know what kinds of boats are available, who are the manufacturers, what reputation do they have, what’s the price range, where are they docked and who are the main brokers? Aside from that, a considerable amount of money is required to be able to purchase a retirement boat that is able to suit your needs and preferences. All of this however, is made possible and more accessible with the help of superannuation funds making it a hassle free process for the ageing community to pursue such boats during their retirement.

It is wise to manage such funds as early as possible. This is to ensure that your retirement goes smooth sailing just like the boats you decide to purchase. Learn more about superannuation funds today.

Personal Training on your Safari holiday

If you are like me, a personal trainer who likes to exercise every day, it can be difficult sometimes to go on holidays. How do you find a holiday that is both a break from work and one that offers exercise and excitement? Well, taking a river jet boat safari in New Zealand ticks a lot of the boxes.

We visited the South Island of New Zealand and there are plenty of opportunities to either hire a jet boat or go on jet boat with a group of people. It is exciting; the speed of the boats and the proximity of sheer rock walls mean you are always thinking “will the boat make it”. Some of the rivers we went on were only a few inches deep. Perhaps the best safari we did was a combination river safari and walk on the Haast River. The jet boat took us up river for several kilometres to a little wharf and from there we had to hike a couple of kilometres and climb up about 400 meters to a look out. From this vantage point you can see the whole length of the river and the mountains beyond.

Of course New Zealand has many other activities for someone who likes to be outdoor like myself. In the Haast River area there is horse riding, trout fishing, kayaking and snow sports in the winter. There are several rivers that are closed to river jet boat safaris and these are excellent to do a day’s kayaking. Kayaking is a nice combination of relaxation and exercise. We only did a day’s tour, but there are groups who paddle up river and camp at a pre-erected camp site over night. We paddle passed one of these camp sites and it looked lovely. I really wish we had taken the option of camping out over night. Of course we hired the kayak and all the equipment we hired was in first class condition.

As a note of caution the water in New Zealand is ice cold. Several of the people on our river jet boat safari went for a swim at lunch time. As clear and tempting as the river water looked it was so cold that I could not bring myself to jump in. But other than that I would recommend river jet boat safaris in New Zealand.



Making Love on the Water

by Betty Havre

Imagine making your way down the Brisbane River on a luxury cruiser with a bevy of naked and near naked escorts on hand to service your sensual pleasures. Making love on the water is a wonderful experience with a willing partner. Watching the city lights reflected on the surface of the river, twinkling like stars beneath you, as you romp into the night with a beautiful girl or boy of your choice. Roman orgies come to mind, aboard a trireme with slaves pulling those oars in rhythm with your pelvic thrusting. Togas cast aside to reveal the graceful buttocks of a man in his prime astride a beautiful woman. The Tiber laps at the bow of your boat and Venus sups at the point of your spear.

Escorts into the boat on the Brisbane River and all your dreams have come at once; but not too quickly, as you want to take your time. All is right with the world; nature is rutting the way nature is meant to rut, and the wake of your pleasure craft cuts across the liquid surface. The heartbeat of lovers pumps in tune with the breath of the night wind. Warm balmy air breezes in through portholes and you can taste the salt on their skin. This is living stripped away from the ugliness of responsibilities and earnest hard work. This is love making en plein air, the way it is meant to be.

A girl moves beneath you because she wants to feel the friction, the frission, between you both. She wants to delight in the dipping in, the delving between, and the deliciousness of it all. A boy cups your breast and covers your lips with his kisses. The smell of sex is everywhere. Skin on naked skin, saliva slippery and tongue tips in cracks and crevices, making forays into foreign places. The memory of business calls, shopping lists, appointments with principals, and the lies you tell your nearest and dearest are fading from your mind. The urgings of your body, the escaping breath, the suction of genitals, and murmurings of mating have cleansed your consciousness of drab morality.

Sunday school and church cake stalls are the furtherest things from your mind. Hair and sweat, muskiness and magic are on the menu now, smiles and spent grins, relief and release. And, you can just hear the current of the water sliding past your boat.