Boat Security: Protecting Your Prized Boat from Theft

by Betty Havre

We all think about car theft and protecting our prized automobiles, but what about boat security. More boats are pinched than you would think,in Australia, as they are less visible to most members of our communities; being tied up at marina or parked at homes. Gangs of thieves are targeting boats in Sydney, and in other capital cities, to rebirth and on sell them to unsuspecting boat buyers. A syndicate was busted by police recently when the gang unknowingly attempted to sell a rebirthed boat back to its old owner; bad luck was never more deserved.

Boat security: protecting your prized boat from theft, begins with effective security measures on and near your boat. Whether it is parked on a trailer at home, or tied up at a marina, you need solid security to stop thieves from walking away with your prized asset. Sutherland Shire locksmiths are experienced in boat security and can provide you with a number of effective deterrents. Fitting a security device to your trailer is one way of making your boat safer. Alarm systems onboard the boat itself can also make life more difficult for thieves; attracting negative attention to their nefarious activities.

Think about where you are parking or leaving your boat, don’t make it too easy for thieves to just hook your trailer up to their vehicle and drive off with your boat. Boats are expensive and you must invest in the security of your maritime possession. Think about CCTV cameras pointing at your boat, if it is parked at your home. Perhaps, a regular nightly visit by a security patrol if your boat is located elsewhere, away from your home. Gates and locks are a solid deterrent if your boat is parked on a trailer at your home; don’t leave it unattended in the street.

You spend time saving up for your boat and you spend a lot of money purchasing and maintaining your boat; spend a bit more protecting it from thieves. There may not be many pirates left in Australian waters but there are plenty of land based criminals targeting your boat. Police report that boat security in Australia is pretty lax and that is why syndicate gangs are zeroing in on easy pickings. Lock up your boat and lock up your trailer, lock your gates and get an alarm, get security lighting and make boat theft harder in Australia. The only person enjoying your boat should be you!