Boat Engines: The Best Brands & Models

by Betty Havre
Boat Engines: The Best Brands & Models

A huge number of individuals travel the seas to relax and unwind as they take their mind of the loud and busy streets of the city. On their journey to the sea it is important to find a reliable partner that is able to provide them with what they need in their voyage. Boat engines play such an important role in making the entire trip possible. As such, finding the best boat engines with regards to their brands & models are necessary to make your trip smooth sailing.

Boat engines have received its fair share of innovation with each and everywhere. For instance, people listed the top 10 Motors at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show which was quite state of the art for its time. It has Volvo Penta’s new V8-380 gasoline inboard features variable valve timing, optimized for maximum low-end torque and high-end horsepower and also featured Suzuki’s new DF140A and DF115A take advantage of the company’s Lean Burn Control system, which allows the engine to run on a leaner, more efficient fuel/air mixture to improve fuel economy.

New fishing boat engines of 2014 updated the list which brings a lineup of powerful engines and digital accessories. Here you will find the likes of Yamaha F115 which is Yamaha’s next generation 115 four-stoke is the lightest in its class and sports increased power. There is also the Suzuki DF175G with a system that provides electronic fly-by-wire control of both throttle and shift for smoother and more-precise functions.

The theme however for 2015 Boat Motors is to provide customers with a stylish, quieter and more fuel-efficient engines further innovating and improving the overall sailing experience. The Motorguide XI5 for example, is leaning towards convenience with its wireless foot pedal which is standard with freshwater models and a hand-held remote which is standard with saltwater models. Furthermore, it features a stealthy quiet mode which makes it perfect for fishing clear water and helps avoid spooking the fishes.

Famous motor brands such as Volva Penta have also made their move to further improve their products and this year, Volvo Penta is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the IPS product supplying engines and drive systems for Gladding-Hearn pilot boat. Volvo Penta came from humble beginnings on 2015 and today, the Volvo Penta IPS now comes in a range of 10 models, from 350 to 1200 hp, in twin, triple or quadruple configurations.

Aside from from looking for the best brand and models, it is also important to detail your boat engine and this activity is something that should never be forgotten. Checking the emissions of your boat also plays a very vital role as this aids in checking the levels of accident hazardous materials that may escape from your engine. This in turn helps make your boat become environment friendly and fit to travel.

There is no denying that without the boat engine, all those cool boating adventures would be impossible to accomplish. This is the reason why it is important to clean your engine as this contributes in making visual inspections more effective.  One will also become more familiar with their engine and force them to examine every inch of their engine through the process of detailing. Hence, make sure that your engine is well taken care of all times.