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Boat Security: Protecting Your Prized Boat from Theft

by Betty Havre

We all think about car theft and protecting our prized automobiles, but what about boat security. More boats are pinched than you would think,in Australia, as they are less visible to most members of our communities; being tied up at marina or parked at homes. Gangs of thieves are targeting boats in Sydney, and in other capital cities, to rebirth and on sell them to unsuspecting boat buyers. A syndicate was busted by police recently when the gang unknowingly attempted to sell a rebirthed boat back to its old owner; bad luck was never more deserved.

Boat security: protecting your prized boat from theft, begins with effective security measures on and near your boat. Whether it is parked on a trailer at home, or tied up at a marina, you need solid security to stop thieves from walking away with your prized asset. Sutherland Shire locksmiths are experienced in boat security and can provide you with a number of effective deterrents. Fitting a security device to your trailer is one way of making your boat safer. Alarm systems onboard the boat itself can also make life more difficult for thieves; attracting negative attention to their nefarious activities.

Think about where you are parking or leaving your boat, don’t make it too easy for thieves to just hook your trailer up to their vehicle and drive off with your boat. Boats are expensive and you must invest in the security of your maritime possession. Think about CCTV cameras pointing at your boat, if it is parked at your home. Perhaps, a regular nightly visit by a security patrol if your boat is located elsewhere, away from your home. Gates and locks are a solid deterrent if your boat is parked on a trailer at your home; don’t leave it unattended in the street.

You spend time saving up for your boat and you spend a lot of money purchasing and maintaining your boat; spend a bit more protecting it from thieves. There may not be many pirates left in Australian waters but there are plenty of land based criminals targeting your boat. Police report that boat security in Australia is pretty lax and that is why syndicate gangs are zeroing in on easy pickings. Lock up your boat and lock up your trailer, lock your gates and get an alarm, get security lighting and make boat theft harder in Australia. The only person enjoying your boat should be you!


Personal Training on your Safari holiday

If you are like me, a personal trainer who likes to exercise every day, it can be difficult sometimes to go on holidays. How do you find a holiday that is both a break from work and one that offers exercise and excitement? Well, taking a river jet boat safari in New Zealand ticks a lot of the boxes.

We visited the South Island of New Zealand and there are plenty of opportunities to either hire a jet boat or go on jet boat with a group of people. It is exciting; the speed of the boats and the proximity of sheer rock walls mean you are always thinking “will the boat make it”. Some of the rivers we went on were only a few inches deep. Perhaps the best safari we did was a combination river safari and walk on the Haast River. The jet boat took us up river for several kilometres to a little wharf and from there we had to hike a couple of kilometres and climb up about 400 meters to a look out. From this vantage point you can see the whole length of the river and the mountains beyond.

Of course New Zealand has many other activities for someone who likes to be outdoor like myself. In the Haast River area there is horse riding, trout fishing, kayaking and snow sports in the winter. There are several rivers that are closed to river jet boat safaris and these are excellent to do a day’s kayaking. Kayaking is a nice combination of relaxation and exercise. We only did a day’s tour, but there are groups who paddle up river and camp at a pre-erected camp site over night. We paddle passed one of these camp sites and it looked lovely. I really wish we had taken the option of camping out over night. Of course we hired the kayak and all the equipment we hired was in first class condition.

As a note of caution the water in New Zealand is ice cold. Several of the people on our river jet boat safari went for a swim at lunch time. As clear and tempting as the river water looked it was so cold that I could not bring myself to jump in. But other than that I would recommend river jet boat safaris in New Zealand.



Financing a Boat: Is it worth the trip?

by Betty Havre

Boats are expensive to buy; there is no way around this fact of life. It seems that if a bit of metal is bent into the shape of a boat its value increases exponentially. Financing a boat, is it worth the trip? Boats are, perhaps, iconic symbols for the wealthy and successful. I know that I don’t own one anyway. The funny thing is that I live on the river and have my own jetty mooring, but alas the boat has, up until now alluded me. I enjoy watching the birdlife above the mighty Murray River (mightier now than it was a while back), especially the majestic pelicans.

When a pelican comes into land, it is like watching a B52 bomber, the enormous wing span and structural size of both bird and plane are prodigious. Apparently, the only reason a bird as big as a pelican can actually fly is because its skeleton is honeycombed, making it light enough for its wings to get it airborne. But we were speaking of boats, weren’t we? The expense of boats, generally, and whether they are worth the bother. Many boaties love to fish and that is their main activity in their boat. Some boaties love to sail and their recreation time is full of the wind over the water captured in sail. But is financing a boat, worth the trip?

My experiences on ocean going yachts, though limited, has helped me understand the attraction to these Jonathon Livingstone Seagull dreams. The illusion of freedom, of being a solo sailor bobbing about in a lonely ocean, fires these individuals up to spend, literally, thousands of dollars on their boats. The sailor, the ancient mariner, is an archetypal human character; the salty pirate on the seven seas. Many men see themselves as this character and breathe the sea air, as if it was the nectar of the gods. Certain cavalier adventurers with few ties to the land might be looking for low doc loans to keep them afloat in this rarefied realm of peaks and troughs.

Financing a boat is it worth the trip? If you have salt in your veins there is no question to answer, as you are compelled to launch your skip. Whether she be fast and weatherly, or sleek and throbbing, the boat fancier unrolls his cash to keep her upon the water. No expense is spared by the captain, as he corks and cleans her bow and waxes her wings and keel. Having a boat is not a burden for these mates and midshipman it is their raison d’être.


Making Love on the Water

by Betty Havre

Imagine making your way down the Brisbane River on a luxury cruiser with a bevy of naked and near naked escorts on hand to service your sensual pleasures. Making love on the water is a wonderful experience with a willing partner. Watching the city lights reflected on the surface of the river, twinkling like stars beneath you, as you romp into the night with a beautiful girl or boy of your choice. Roman orgies come to mind, aboard a trireme with slaves pulling those oars in rhythm with your pelvic thrusting. Togas cast aside to reveal the graceful buttocks of a man in his prime astride a beautiful woman. The Tiber laps at the bow of your boat and Venus sups at the point of your spear.

Escorts into the boat on the Brisbane River and all your dreams have come at once; but not too quickly, as you want to take your time. All is right with the world; nature is rutting the way nature is meant to rut, and the wake of your pleasure craft cuts across the liquid surface. The heartbeat of lovers pumps in tune with the breath of the night wind. Warm balmy air breezes in through portholes and you can taste the salt on their skin. This is living stripped away from the ugliness of responsibilities and earnest hard work. This is love making en plein air, the way it is meant to be.

A girl moves beneath you because she wants to feel the friction, the frission, between you both. She wants to delight in the dipping in, the delving between, and the deliciousness of it all. A boy cups your breast and covers your lips with his kisses. The smell of sex is everywhere. Skin on naked skin, saliva slippery and tongue tips in cracks and crevices, making forays into foreign places. The memory of business calls, shopping lists, appointments with principals, and the lies you tell your nearest and dearest are fading from your mind. The urgings of your body, the escaping breath, the suction of genitals, and murmurings of mating have cleansed your consciousness of drab morality.

Sunday school and church cake stalls are the furtherest things from your mind. Hair and sweat, muskiness and magic are on the menu now, smiles and spent grins, relief and release. And, you can just hear the current of the water sliding past your boat.